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Arinn "Erinys" Dembo, Writer

She is brilliant and beautiful. And probably the smartest of us all...which is saying something for this team.

For the record, I don't really regard the questions I receive as pointless or burdensome to answer. I love my work and I think that sharing it with our fan community is a joyous thing.

My occupation is "writer", and I have been a professional for 15 years at this point. I have written and will continue to write in any format that appeals to me and pays. I was a game reviewer for seven years and I've noodled around with comics as well, just never pursued it seriously. I am thinking of trying to put together a New Gods mini-series later this year, though – I've always wanted to write about Mister Miracle and Big Barda.

I am currently writing a revised and expanded version of a novella I wrote many years ago, called "Suicide Watch". The new working title is "The Sign of Fire", and it maintains most of the original plot of the novella, with some crucial and canonical differences and new characters/plot threads worked in.



Musically, I love the blues, especially the old-fashioned Delta/Chicago blues. I listen to it and I sing it too.


I read an awful lot in general, but obviously I strongly prefer SF, fantasy and horror. Not a lot of science fiction being written these days that I still enjoy, unfortunately, as many of my favorite authors have started writing much more fantasy – George R.R. Martin for example, but also Robert Silverberg (Ellison, Bradbury and Wolfe could never be trusted to stick to one genre!).

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, which I finally read recently. An interesting piece of work, I can see why it got so much attention.

I've also been re–reading the works of Shirley Jackson, for research purposes.


Love comics, and right now I'm collecting Swamp Thing, the new Dark Horse Conan, Straczynski's Dr. Strange, and Alan Moore's Hypothetical Lizard, which really reminds me of the works of Clark Ashton Smith. I'm a DC gal for the most part, although there are a few Marvel heroes that have never been matched at DC. Doctor Strange is a long–time personal favorite.


I play City of Heroes in my spare time.

I've been extremely lucky in the last 15 years, and have belonged to a couple of different social groups in the Pacific Northwest that have been very active and dedicated gamers. The Metro Seattle Gamers were the first, back in the early nineties, they were an extremely reliable network of hardcore gaming fanatics. I could count on them to be a part of just about anything cool I wanted to do in the world of gaming, from a primitive LAN party to a hotseat game of a turn–based strat game to a dial–up "email–in–your–turn" game of VGA planets that would go on for weeks (Gawd I loved playing the Borg!)
And this is to say nothing of the boardgames and card games they were willing to play, Civilization, Supremacy, Fire in the East, anything. If you had the space, the time and the guts to lay down the board, they'd take up arms; it was a beautiful thing. We even played a couple of seasons of Blood Bowl.

Sword of the Stars

A novel or two set in the SoTS universe is distinctly possible.

Previous Experience

For Homeworld, I wrote the background descriptions for the Paktu, the Manaan and the Soban.
For Cataclysm, I wrote the histories for the Kaalel, the LiirHra and some of the historical background fiction for the Somtaaw.

Attending the recording sessions for Cataclysm was great fun. I was cast as the voice of the recon ship, and the female half of the Beast mothership in that game, but I was present for several other recording sessions. A lot of those actors were great both on and off the job.


Love SF, fantasy and horror movies. SF favorites include Forbidden Planet, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original), Planet of the Apes (original), Alien and Aliens, Carpenter's The Thing, Blade Runner, Brazil and 12 Monkeys, Dark City, Gattaca, Cube, Predator and The Terminator.

On tv I'll watch pretty much anything Joss Whedon throws up there, with a preference for Firefly (and I will be going to see Serenity on the big screen accordingly). Also like the new Battlestar Galactica and I've liked most of what JMS has done and tried to do over the years – Babylon 5, Jeremiah, Crusade. Quirky personal favorite: Space Above and Beyond...

I'm also a fan of the Macross Plus DVD, a lot of good things about that mini–series, especially its music.


What do you do to relax from the pressures of Development and how do you encourage your muses (creative sides) to inspire you to maintain the fine quality work we recieve from the team? --Sir Will

When not writing or designing games, I...

  • a lot of games
  • ...pursue a degree in anthropology
  • ...spend time with family
  • ...lift weights and walk for exercise
  • ...have lunch at the Zodiac Club Cafe on Broadway, in Vancouver
  • ...consume ungodly amounts of media products and caffeine
  • ...take photographs and noodle around with film-making
  • ...amuse myself by learning how to make pretty things with my hands. I learn a new little craft skill every other year or so. Right now its jewelry-making.


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